Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is never easy. We understand this firsthand and want to help you through this difficult and emotional time in any way we can. We invite you to use this page to create a memorial to remember your pet and to share the special memories that you shared together with others. We also encourage you to reach out to our staff whenever you need support. We’ll get through this difficult time together.


July 4th, 2010-June 21st, 2022
Bella was the sweetest, smartest, most sensitive dog. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She helped us through a very tough time in our family over the past year, I don’t know how I would have gotten through without her. We will miss her more than we can even express…we love her so much, our hearts are broken…RIP Baby Girl…Go find your brothers, Boscoe and Bailey and run and play with them💗
Thank you to Dr Jackie, Dr Karen, Dr Carol and the staff at Clarington Animal Hospital for taking such loving care of our Baby.


Our sweet, sweet Cobie was very special girl. Cobie's uniqueness was apparent to those who were fortunate to spend time with her. She truly was my very best friend and a wonderful "big sister" to my daughter Addi.
Thank you Jackie and staff for always taking such fantastic care of my fur baby, I know that she loved you all.


Bubba, you're in Summerland now. After 19 years you're no longer with me in body but you'll always be with me in my heart. You were the best Little Brother I could have ever wanted, needed or asked for and no one can ever replace you. I love you so much and look forward to seeing you again.

PS - Only the best boys have Gold eyes.


Truffelz June 2008 - March 2, 2020
You have brought us so much love and happiness for the past 12 years moving your tail and smiling with those eyes. Thank you for all those years. You were a wonderful companion to us. You always waited for us every night until we got home for work/school and greeted us with so much joy. I know you loved us, you were our shadow and would follow us all day long. We will always love you, best dog in the whole world. We will miss you so much! Everyday! Thank you for all of your unconditional love. Be at peace now.

Mocha Breton

Mocha April 2002-July 12, 2018 The best souvenir we ever picked up while in Prince Edward Island. There, at the Humane Society, in a produce box you were a four month old still waiting to be loved. I couldn\’t stop thinking about you while on the beach. I called them and put a \’hold\’ on you. We brought you back to Ontario and you rewarded our actions with unending love and loyalty. Mocha will never be replaced and will always live on in my memories and in my heart. Till we meet again. Wait for me. MomXO


Our beloved Fletcher is no longer with us and it is so painful for us, but we know he is no longer in pain and that is all that matters. Thank-you to Dr. Bill and all of the vets and staff who have participated in Fletcher’s care during his 16 years. Your professionalism and attentiveness has shone through time after time…..from regular checkups to a serious acute episode in 2013. We didn’t think he would make it after falling ill in 2013, but with your help he was able to provide us with another 5 years of love and companionship. Thank you all so much!


Cinni- thank you for the amazing 12(almost 13) years you gave us. You were there for so many life milestones and I will miss you so much but am glad you are no longer in pain and that you will be there waiting for me at Rainbow bridge with all your bunny friends, Jaxx, Thumper and Sophia and Fatskers. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you again my sweet girl. xoxox


Oscar it has been over a month since you left us and I miss you so much. You will NEVER be forgotten…by us or your buddy Fozzy. You truly were a remarkable cat, and part of my heart has gone with you.