Dr. Jackie Bosak
Practice Owner, Veterinarian
Hi, my name is Dr. Jackie. I am a Veterinarian, and the Practice Owner.

I have been taking care of furry family members at the Clarington Animal Hospital since November 2006, and been the practice owner since March 2019.

Being a co-op student in an animal hospital back in 1992 affirmed my deep love of animals and I knew I was in the right field.

I feel very strongly about advocating on the behalf of all animals since they do not have a voice of their own. I think that all dogs and cats should be spayed or neutered to prevent many life-threatening diseases, unless they are going to be responsibly bred by a breeder.

Fun Fact: I love sudoku puzzles, baking and camping.

My Hero: My mom. She is the best human I know.

Dr. Carol Cameron
Associate Veterinarian
Hi, I'm Dr. Carol and I am an associate Veterinarian here at Clarington Animal Hospital.

I first started here as a locum in 2011, and I became full time in May of 2016. I enjoy the people I work with and the philosophy we all practice.

Since both my parents grew up on farms, I have happily been exposed to the animals that I love from a very young age, and since I really like science and math, veterinary medicine seemed like a good way to put it all together.

I feel very strongly that every pet deserves an owner who genuinely loves them.

Fun Fact: The fossil remains of the largest penguin species on the planet was unearthed in Antarctica. The fossil belonged to a Colossus Penguin that was over 6 feet tall, weighed 250 pounds, and lived approximately 37 million years ago. This penguin was my OVC class mascot!

My Hero: That's easy. The down to earth, hard working people who have always been there to guide, support and encourage me.......my parents!
Dr. Karen Jung
Associate Veterinarian
Hi, I am Dr. Karen, an associate Veterinarian here at Clarington Animal Hospital. I am also known as Dr. Squishy because of my intense love of squishy-face dogs.

I started here in November of 2016.

In my grade 11 co-op I met a pug with skin issues and it sparked my love for 'squishies' and fueled my desire to help other animals like the vet helped that pug.

I am absolutely convinced that animals make the best of friends due to their unconditional love and non-judgemental attitude.

Fun Fact: I believe that peanut butter is a food group

My Hero: That would be my pugs. We can learn a lot from our pets. They don't dwell on the past or fear the future. They live in the present and see the joy in the smallest of things.
Dr. Bill Mingram
Dr. Bill Mingram founded Clarington Animal Hospital in 1997. In retirement, he looks forward to traveling and spending time with his family, and he also has big plans for plenty of fishing at the family cottage when the weather is nice.