Dogs In Yellow Day

Do you have an anxious dog? If so, you’ll want to mark your calendar for March 20th: it’s Dogs In Yellow Day! Dogs in Yellow Day is an awareness event aimed at helping raise awareness of doggy anxiety, which is a more widespread issue than many people realize. An Oshawa, ON vet offers some information on this ‘pawspicious’ occasion below. 




Dogs in Yellow Day is quite new: it was started last year by a lady named Sarah Jones. As one may expect, there is a pup at the heart of this story: Bella. When Bella was a puppy, she was attacked by another dog. The incident traumatized the poor pooch, and left her with a severe fear of other dogs. Bella would often react in the presence of strange dogs. People’s  reactions and lack of understanding helped Jones realize that doggy anxiety is not only a serious issue, but also a very misunderstood one. The idea is to hopefully spread the knowledge and habit of putting anxious dogs in yellow, so people are aware.


Warning SIgns


Dogs can’t tell us if they are feeling anxious, but they do give off some clues. Some, such as barking and growling reactively, are clear indications that Fido is feeling uneasy. Others are more subtle. Anxious dogs may act restless, scared, or even aggressive, and they may indulge in compulsive behaviors, such as pacing, chewing, digging, and/or licking or biting themselves. Fido may also whine, howl, tremble, pace, or hide, and he may make a mess indoors. 


Caring For Fido

If you know or suspect that your four-legged pal has anxiety, talk to your vet. We’re always happy to offer helpful tips and advice. Proper care can help a lot here. First and foremost, make sure that your canine buddy is getting the right type and amount of activity, and has plenty of toys to play with. Fido may also benefit from pet-calming products, such as weighted shirts or pheromones. These can be particularly helpful at times when a nervous pooch is more likely to be frightened, such as during storms or maybe if you have people over. Behavioral therapy can also be helpful. In fact, a good behavioral therapist can make a world of difference!  Ask your vet for more information.


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