Cold Weather Kitten Care

Have you recently brought a kitten into your home? Congratulations! There are few things that are as adorable as baby cats. However, little Fluffy is very fragile, and she can get sick very easily, especially in cold weather. You’ll want to give your furry buddy some extra TLC as temperatures drop. An Oshawa, ON vet discusses cold weather kitten care below.

Safe Temperatures

Don’t keep kittens in cold or drafty areas. Generally, little Fluffy will be fine at what most people consider room temperature. However, she can get dangerously cold if the temperature falls below about 7C. Watch for signs that your feline friend is chilly. These would include shivering, sitting in a hunched-up position, and cold paws. Contact your vet if you see any of these things.


Offer little Fluffy plenty of warm napping spots. Though she may appreciate having a soft baby blanket in her bed, don’t give her anything she could get stuck in or under. Thermal pet beds are great options.

Heating Elements

Keep little Fluffy in mind as you decorate. Your kitten may try to warm up by getting too close to a stove or fireplace. Candles should also be kept out of paws’ reach. Ask your vet for petproofing tips.

Keeping Warm

Cats love seeking out warm napping spots. Little Fluffy may burrow under blankets, huddle up under a chair, or crawl into a pile of fresh laundry. This is cute, but it’s also dangerous. Baby furballs can fit into some very small spaces, and they have no idea what is and isn’t safe. Keep a close eye on your pint-sized pal. Remember to always check beneath cushions and blankets before sitting down. Kittens don’t make very big lumps!


Kittens are over their heads in just a few inches of snow, and can very easily freeze or get trapped. They’re also at risk of getting lost, especially after storms. Plus, there’s also the all-season risks of traffic and wild animals. Keep little Fluffy indoors!


Little Fluffy loves feeling safe and protected, and she often really enjoys being cuddled. Offer your tiny pal lap space, or just hold her as she naps. This won’t just help keep your miniature furball warm, it will also help her bond with you. Kittens make great cuddle buddies!

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