Choosing A Gecko

It’s World Gecko day! Geckos are one of the most popular pet lizards. These little guys are very cute, and are usually quite docile and easy to care for. They come in many colors and patterns, and are fun to watch and interact with. They also make great kids’ pets! If you’re interested in adopting one of these tiny dinosaurs, read on! A Bowmanville, ON vet offers some tips on choosing a gecko below.

Types Of Geckos

There are over 1500 kinds of geckos. However, only a handful of them are commonly sold as pets. The Leopard gecko may very well be the most popular. The Crested gecko is another good choice. These lizards have those pretty ridged crests that make them look very dinosaur-like, which is a plus for many kids. Another good choice is the African Fat-Tailed gecko. As the name suggests, these guys have cute, chubby tails, and are a bit lazy. Do some research before deciding, as various geckos are all slightly different. Look into your potential pet’s expected adult size, as well as longevity. These things vary quite drastically among lizards!


Taking in and rehabilitating a sick lizard is a very kind thing to do. However, this is usually best left to those who are familiar with reptiles. For kids and/or first time owners, it’s better to choose a healthy pet. Your little buddy should have clear eyes, smooth skin, and a supple body that is free of lumps and lesions. Adult geckos should have fairly plump tails, though skinny tails are normal for juveniles. Healthy lizards should also be quite alert and responsive to stimuli, and shouldn’t have discharge or gunk around the eyes, nose, or mouth.


Before choosing your lizard, you’ll need to have a proper habitat ready and waiting for them. A good dinosaur home includes hide boxes, foliage, and suitable substrate, such as reptile carpet. Many geckos like to climb rocks and branches, so add some of these accessories. Your reptilian pal will also need specific environmental conditions. You’ll need some pointers on this, so be sure you have a great herp vet. As for food, geckos need live prey, which means you’ll need to pick up some creepy-crawlies for your little buddy. Ask your vet for more information.

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