Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

Do you leave your cat at home while you go to work to earn money for cat food? Fluffy is quite independent, and can do just fine by herself. However, there are some things you can do to make her alone time more fun and comfortable. An Oshawa, ON vet discusses leaving kitties home alone in this article.


Cats have an amazing knack for getting themselves into trouble. Make your home safe for Fluffy by removing anything that could be dangerous. This includes any small or sharp objects; plastic bags, wires, and ties; ropes, strings, and cords; toxic plants; and household chemicals. Also, check and make sure that your doors and windows shut securely.


Fluffy will probably spend a good amount of her alone time sleeping. Set out lots of comfy beds for her!


Cats need stimulation and entertainment to be happy. Offer your kitty lots of fun toys. You can also set out some pet-safe plants for her to nibble on, as well as furniture for her to climb and explore.

Pampered Kitty

If you really want to pamper your kitty, look into remote smart cat toys. You can play with Fluffy on your break, using an app that works a laser pointer from your phone. A camera will let you watch the fun.


Always leave a TV or radio on for Fluffy. The sound of voices and music will soothe her, and keep her from being lonely. You may even want to try giving your pet some DVDs made just for kitties. Some felines really do enjoy watching documentaries about birds and squirrels! Your cat will also enjoy a window seat with a good view.

Kitty Comforts

Always keep your pet’s comfort in mind. Make sure your furball has fresh food and water. If you won’t be home before dark, turn a light on, so Fluffy isn’t left in a dark, silent house. Keep your climate control running as well.

Longer Absences

Cats are usually fine by themselves for a day or two, as long as they have food, water, and a clean litterbox. However, for longer absences, or if Fluffy is sick, a senior, or a kitten, look into boarding or hire a petsitter.

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