Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Pet

Did you know that July 11th is Pet Photo Day? Our furry friends are very photogenic! While candid shots are great, this is the perfect time to capture some really great photos of your animal companion. Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet discusses photographing pets.


There are now some great apps made just for taking animal pictures. Some of these include funny sounds that will capture your pet’s attention. Others offer ‘filters,’ such as Santa hats, that make for great silly or seasonal pictures.


You may get a better photo by getting down on your knees, or even lying down. That way, you’re at eye-level to your furry buddy. If you have a pocket pet, and you’re taking pictures of them in their tank, shoot at a diagonal angle. This will help eliminate glare and reflections.

Have Fun!

Let your pet’s personality shine through in photos. If you have a playful dog, snap some active shots of Fido chasing after his favorite toy. You can also use meme generators to add another level of silliness.


Natural light is almost always better than artificial lighting. If you can, take pictures of your furry pal at sunrise or sunset, when the light has a golden glow.


Pay close attention to your little (or not so little) buddy’s eyes, and make sure they are in focus. You may want to use an app or editing tool that will reduce glare and the ‘laser-eye’ look caused by light reflecting off pets’ eyes.


Nowadays, the average smartphone has an amazing camera. Check and see if yours has a macro setting. This works better than the zoom in many cases. It really works great for taking pictures of smaller animals, like gerbils and birds.


Contrast is an important element in good photos. Make sure to choose a location that contrasts with your pet’s coat. If you have a white cat, don’t try to snap Fluffy’s photo in front of a white wall.


Take more photos than you think you need. Then, use different editing programs to put the finishing touches on your favorites. Fluffy may look adorable in black and white, while Fido may look super cute with a retro filter.

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