5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This is a wonderful cause, and one we are happy to support. If you are thinking about bringing a new furball into your home, please consider adopting an older cat or dog. These lovable furballs make terrific animal companions! Read on as a local Oshawa, ON vet discusses some of the benefits of adopting pets that are in their golden years.

They’re Super Lovable

Dogs and cats often develop a very calm and lovable disposition as they age. These sweet pets just want someone to love them and give them ear scritches and belly rubs. Many people find that senior pets are extremely loyal and loving, and are just all-around wonderful pets! You may find that the time you have with your four-legged friend is very special and beautiful.

Make A Forever Friend

Our furry friends are very intuitive, and often know when they’ve been saved. By adopting a dog or cat that is in their golden years, you’re doing something that is truly kind and compassionate. You’ll be rewarded with purrs or tail wags and unconditional love, which are truly special gifts!

Less Active

Older animals aren’t as active as kittens and puppies, so they don’t need as much exercise or stimulation as younger animals. Instead of chasing squirrels, Fido will be happy just walking quietly along beside you on your daily strolls. And as for Fluffy, she’ll probably be more interested in taking a nap than in knocking everything off your coffee table. Senior pets are great for people who live in apartments, and for anyone who isn’t quite up to keeping up with a rambunctious furball.

Prior Training

Typically, older dogs and cats that are available for adoption have been pets before. Many of these wonderful animals are already trained. This can save you quite a bit of time and hassle! This is particularly relevant with dogs: getting a pooch that is already housetrained, and knows basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down is very beneficial!

They’re Adorable!

Senior pets are just as cute as kittens and puppies! It’s truly heartwarming to watch an older pooch snoring in the sun as he naps. Older kitties are also very charming and lovable.

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